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LCD Monitor

Why Are Ruggedized LCD Monitor Touch Screens & Tablet PC’s More Expensive than regular LCD Monitors? Are they cheaper in the long run?

  • By Coastasys
  • June 28, 2023

Most of us are familiar with LCD Flat Screen monitors that we all use at home, school or even at the office. Most of us are also very familiar with the prices that the different types of LCD Monitors. From different sizes in LCD Monitors to the number of pixels and brightness of the monitors, to whether it brings touch screen functionality or not, we are prepared to pay more for more the newest technology.

With that understanding, we would like to explore the reasons why ruggedized LCD touchscreen monitor solutions are more expensive in price initially, but are actually cheaper than regular LCD Monitors in the long run. We also will explore a concept known as Total Cost of Ownership to see if indeed a ruggedized touchscreen LCD monitor and its related technology are actually cheaper than non ruggedized touchscreen solutions.

We never manufacture our Ruggedized Touchscreen LCD monitor solutions with recycled parts or components as most manufacturers do. We also require thorough 3rd party testing and certification for our ruggedized LCD monitor solutions, and often times, we achieve certification targeted at specific industries.

Do you need a rugged tablet computer or touchscreen display?

Reasons for buying rugged tablet or touchscreen displays include: the breakdown of the “fat server/thin client” model, growing utilization of “mobility” computers for business purposes, distrust of the cloud, need for support/repair services, working in hazardous environments, and more convenient, ever-smaller rugged form factors such as the ones Xenarc Technologies manufactures (7", 8", 9", 10", 12", 15", 18", 24").