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Custmoze PC With Intel i3, i5, i7, 2nd-3rd Gen

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₹ 16,799.00 ₹ 125,999.00


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    Free shipping

  • Operating System:

    Free DOS

  • Generation:

    2nd Gen to 11th Gen

  • Chipset:

    256GB SSD/ 500GB SSd

  • Processor:

    Intel i3, i5, i7

  • Processor Speed:

    3.2 GHz

  • RAM Type:


  • RAM Capacity:

    8 GB

  • HDD Type:

    SATA / 256GB SSD

  • HDD Capacity:

    500 GB

  • Monitor Type:


  • Monitor Size:

    20 inch

  • Screen Resolution:



Intel Core processors are a family of central processing units (CPUs) developed by Intel Corporation, a leading manufacturer of computer hardware. The Intel Core series encompasses a range of processors with varying performance levels and capabilities to meet the demands of different users and applications. Here's a description of the Intel Core i3, i5, and i7 processors from the 2nd and 3rd generations:

Intel Core i3 (2nd-3rd Gen): The Intel Core i3 processors are entry-level CPUs designed for basic computing tasks. They offer dual-core or quad-core configurations and typically operate at lower clock speeds compared to their i5 and i7 counterparts. With Hyper-Threading technology, i3 processors can handle multiple tasks simultaneously, improving multitasking performance. While i3 processors may not excel in resource-intensive tasks such as gaming or video editing, they provide sufficient power for everyday computing, web browsing, office productivity, and multimedia playback.

Intel Core i5 (2nd-3rd Gen): The Intel Core i5 processors are mid-range CPUs that strike a balance between performance and affordability. They come in dual-core and quad-core configurations with Turbo Boost technology, which dynamically adjusts clock speeds to deliver increased performance when needed. i5 processors are capable of handling demanding tasks like gaming, content creation, and multimedia editing. With their strong performance, ample cache memory, and support for Hyper-Threading (in some models), i5 CPUs provide a smooth computing experience for most users without breaking the bank.

Intel Core i7 (2nd-3rd Gen): The Intel Core i7 processors are high-performance CPUs tailored for power users and professionals. They offer quad-core and six-core configurations, providing excellent processing power for resource-intensive applications. With Turbo Boost technology and Hyper-Threading, i7 processors can deliver exceptional performance by dynamically increasing clock speeds and efficiently executing multiple threads simultaneously. i7 CPUs are well-suited for tasks such as gaming, video editing, 3D rendering, and virtualization. They also feature larger cache sizes, which contribute to faster data access and improved overall performance.


Overall, the Intel Core i3, i5, and i7 processors from the 2nd and 3rd generations offer varying levels of performance, making them suitable for different types of users. While the i3 processors are geared towards basic computing needs, the i5 processors strike a balance between performance and cost, and the i7 processors deliver high-end processing power for demanding tasks.

More Details

In summary, the Desktop PC i3 V3020-Office is a reliable and efficient office computer that provides ample performance for everyday office tasks. With its Intel Core i3 processor, generous RAM, and sufficient storage space, it offers a solid foundation for productivity and multitasking. Whether you need to handle documents, emails, spreadsheets, or presentations, this PC is designed to meet your office needs efficiently and effectively.

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